August 20, 2014

My Birthday

I always have mixed feelings about my birthday.  I love having a day to just celebrate me, I love parties, and I LOVE presents.  What I don't love is getting older, that number gets to me for some reason and it freaks me out to say I am now 28 years old.  Fred knows all this and so after he is done making fun of me telling me I am so old he spoils me all day.

As always I told Fred not to spend any money on a gift so we could save and like always he didn't listen.  I had planned my day with fun activities because Fred was at work.  What better way to celebrate than to spend time with my kids.  We went to the park and played all morning.  A friend of mine met us there and brought Panera for lunch.  We had cookies and pudding for desert and ended our time there watching Blaiden go down the slide about 20 "one more times."

Both of the kids fell asleep on the way home and so after I put them in their beds I decided I should take a nap too, it was my birthday after all.  Fred got home in the middle of nap time and when he woke me up he said you need to be dressed and ready to go in 45 minutes without the kids.  He wouldn't tell me anything else but to look nice.  So I ran around the house trying to get ready and have things ready for the babysitter.  Both kids woke up about 5 minutes before we left, this was horrible because Blaiden was not happy that we were leaving.  He has started not liking me to leave him and this was the worst.  I walked out the door and he was crying, screaming, and kicking at the door saying "Mom no leave me!"  Not sure how I made it to the car.  Our babysitter took him outside to jump on the tramp and it made him feel better.

Fred took me to an amazing, beautiful vineyard where we had dinner.  It tasted wonderful and it was great just having some time to ourselves to have adult conversation.  The view was great with a pond right outside and flowers all over.  When we came home I got to spend a little more time with my kiddos before it  was time to put them to bed.

I had a wonderful day and if I have to get older this is the best way to celebrate!

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