August 14, 2014

9 Months Old

Nine Months Old

My Appearance:  I had my 9 month well check the day after my 9 month birthday.  I weighed in at 19 pounds and am now 26.5 inches long.  I am in 9 month clothes now and size 3 diapers.  My hair is getting longer and is looking very blonde, although I still have a bald spot on the back of my head.  My eyes are bright blue and something that everyone seems to notice right off.  I still don’t have any teeth yet but it could be any day my Mom tells me.  Since I have grown so much I don’t have as big of a belly but all my cute rolls are still around.  I am a good eater so that helps me keep those around. 

Milestones:  I am defiantly a mobile baby now; I can roll, scoot, and turn and get pretty much where ever I want to go.  This also means that I get stuck a lot and I also end up hitting my head on things more often.  I have started moving my legs like I am crawling but I can’t get my belly of the floor to move.  I am so interested in food and this past month I have been adding a lot of fruit onto the list of foods I can eat, I really like peaches.  I am a mover when I sleep now and I always wiggle out of my blankets.

Daily Routine:  This month I went back to 3 naps most of the time.  This pushes my bedtime back to around 8 or later.  I like this because then I get Mom and Dad alone for a little while after Blaiden goes to bed.  During the day I get to play a lot, eat a lot, and talk a lot.  I know now that if I want someone or something I can yell or cry and that seems to get the attention of someone.  I like to go for rides in the stroller and also like to go outside.  

Special Events:  This past month I have got to do a few fun things each weekend.  I got to see hot air balloons and watch them light up in the night.  I helped Mom celebrate her birthday, and she told me it was her best birthday yet.  I got to experience my first Football Hall of Fame weekend.  I went to my first movie, Rio 2.  I got my first high fever and had to go to the doctor for it.  I also got to have a few play dates with some kids closer to my own age.  

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