August 24, 2014

A Fun Afternoon

The other afternoon we decided to get the swimming pool out and spend some time outside.  It had been raining for days and so we were so excited we could actually get out of the house.  We stayed out there all night and ended up grilling hotdogs because we just didn't want to go inside.  Our neighbors were out in their yard and so Blaiden got out of the pool only to go jump on the trampoline with the older kids.

Fred had to work that night and so I was happy there was someone else to entertain Blaiden while I cooked on the grill.  Adilene rolled around on the grass and was just as happy to be outside.  She even enjoyed putting her feet into the pool.

I think Kiara had the best time.  After running about 100 laps around the yard, chasing her ball all over, and getting in pool with Blaiden she sprawled out on the grass and just soaked up the rays of sunshine.  I am not one to really take a lot of pictures of our dog but she just looked so regal.


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