August 14, 2014

First Time at the Movies

It makes me laugh sometimes because a lot of Blaiden's ideas come from the books he has.  Going to the movies and eating popcorn is just one of the things he wanted to do because he read about it. 

We have talked about taking Blaiden to his first movie for a while now but we just never did it.  Then we found out that Rio 2 was in the dollar theater and we thought that if he was going to sit through a whole movie, one with music and birds would be it.  So on a Saturday early afternoon we all headed out to go see a show.  It was nice because our tickets only cost $4.50 total.  The popcorn was full price but Blaiden was so excited.  The theater was packed with families and so when Blaiden was loud in the beginning it didn't really matter because there were plenty of other kids doing the same thing.

Blaiden did really good through the movie, he seemed to like it and enjoy the entire experience.  It was also Adilene's first time at the movies.  She did great, stayed awake for about half of the show then slept in my arms for the second half.

I am sure this will not be the last time we take a trip to the cheap theater.  

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